25 February 2011

Mini-drama in a koi pond

While on holiday, my father took some beautiful pictures of koi fish at a pond in the hotel. The pictures inspired the first 4 bars of this little piece, the rest of the music flowed naturally out of it. The piece is light and watery at the beginning and at the end, and it has an über-romantic core. This expressive and dramatic centre is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but it's also honest, heartfelt music (from the deepest regions of my tortured soul! lol). I really believe one can mock something, and at the same time, sincerely feel it with passion. This is a little piece that attempts that.

The score and the parts can be downloaded at Scribd, IMSLP or the Internet Archive.

I've become aware of some embarrassing mistakes in the score and in the piano part:

In bar 19 the first note on the left hand of the piano is C natural, the natural mark to prevent confusion with the C sharp in the right hand is missing.

In bar 20, in the piano part, the last note on the bass clef is B flat.

In bar 21, the first chord of the right hand is D flat, E flat, A flat, B flat. The flat symbol for the A is missing.

I'm sorry for any problems caused by this and I'm preparing a new score and parts with all the corrections. At the moment I'm working with the 'Ensamble Nuevo de México' who will perform the piece, I'll publish the revised score after that in case more typos come to light. Sorry again.

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  1. Very nice indeed! Congratulations. P

  2. "one can mock something, and at the same time, sincerely feel it with passion" - That's definitely true. It makes me wonder whether it might not even be necessary for total immersion in/full contact with whatever your subject of contemplation might be.

    You might very well mock something as part of the process of testing it to confirm that it merits your commitment. (I am sure that mockery of one's own creative output is an essential test.)
    I think I would go further and suggest that any idea that cannot withstand mockery is probably not a very strong idea.

  3. Thanks a lot for the comment! That goes to prove that in blogs sometimes comments are the most important part. I couldn't have put it better into words however badly I tried!

    I especially agree very strongly with your last idea. Mockery is indeed the essential test.