22 January 2011

Tres Tristes Tangos Live at Zinco Jazz Club on January 18 2011

This is a song of mine called 'La Danza del Dodo', played by Tres Tristes Tangos at a gig we had at the Zinco Jazz Club in downtown Mexico City.

This is a great song by Jorge (the bass player). For more vids check out our YouTube Channel.

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5 January 2011


This is the first post with the "music for musicians" label. I've always loved the idea of chamber music as a social event where the players themselves are the audience, and I've been thinking a lot of composing music specifically to make it fun to play, composing for the musicians instead of composing for the audience. My plan is to compose "games" for chamber ensembles and some sorts of "solitaire" for piano.

Meanwhile I decided to publish this piece I composed some time ago and that actually fits perfectly into this idea: I originally composed it for an ensemble I played at, I made it for myself and my fellow musicians. It is very loosely based on Mbira Dzavadzimu music, and some of the ornaments are Balkanic (...ish).

The score and the parts can be downloaded at Scribd, IMSLP or the Internet Archive.

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